College & Career Resources

Scroll to see all of the available resources:  College and Career & Technical School, Test Prep, Learning Differences, Writing, Science & Math Resources, Life Skills etc.  We are constantly adding to this list to help you.

College Resources


Career &Technical Resources



Job Search Websites

Career Topics

  • Resume
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • How to conduct a job search

Learning Differences

Learning Differences

Dyslexia & Other Learning Differences



Academic Resources

High School Graduation & College, Career & Technical, Military Admissions

Math Resources

  • — an excellent website with helpful math tutorials from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. 
  •— video-based math website that offers training from middle-grades math to Algebra 2, SAT, ACT, etc. 
  •–open courseware website in which you can earn a certificate in many topics, including math. 
  • — a helpful website that offers math help from middle-grades math to Algebra 2


Reading & Writing Resources

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab— Whether you are writing a research paper, essays, etc.  This is one of the best online resources for writing.  Learn how to properly cite your papers– MLA, APA, Chicago Style
  • Son of Citation— Want someone to write a MLA, APA or Chicago style citation for you?  Check out this resource. 
  • Grammarly— check out Grammarly for Google Chrome–it’s FREE!  The regular Grammarly does come with a cost but you can use it for all documents, not just emails or the web.
  • Open Library-–  this is a free online library of millions books at your fingertips that you can check out for free.  You will need to set up an account, but it is worth it to educate yourself for free.  Check it out, there many genres to choose from.   
  •— this is a great research tool to help you find books in a LIBRARY NEAR YOU. 

 Science, Extras & Other Stuff

  • MIT Open Courseware
  • Edx.Org –– this is a great site for open courseware.  Free courses offered to enhance your knowledge and education experience. Some courses even offer a certificate upon completion. 
  • iTunes University– if you are an Apple user, see your iTunes U app automatically installed on your device. 



Life Skills

Life Skills



  • Money Management
    • Mint— FREE money management tool with an app.
    • EveryDollar— FREE monthly budget management online tool & app.
  •  Investments
    • Investopedia— a great place to learn about investing.
    • Nerdwallet— learn about personal finances with everything from budgeting to credit cards, etc. 
    • CNN Markets–information about the financial markets
    • Kiplinger— great for personal finance advice

Online Shopping

  •  — discount memberships for students.  Not only do you get all of the features of prime, but Amazon has a great place to purchase or RENT college textbooks.
  •—  don’t like to read.  Membership with audible allows you to listen to your books.
  •— popular big box store retailer.  Check out their coupons to help reduce costs. Also, a great place to purchase household supplies. 
  •— Check out their coupons and app.  Target also has a price match guarantee  

Shopping & Eating on A Budget

  • Couponing
  • Discount Stores
    • Family Dollar-– low prices, great for those on a budget especially if you only need to purchase a small quantity.  Local stores in cities around the US.  Sign up for their smart digital coupons.  You can save $ on in-store items you purchase. 
    • Dollar General —   Also great low prices, especially if you are on a budget.  They have local stores in cities around the U.S. Sign up for their digital coupons.  You can save $ on in-store items you purchase. 
    • Dollar Tree—  get your cleaning items here all for a dollar plus tax. 🙂   
    • Aldi— great prices, great store branded food for less.  Perfect for those on a budget.  (ahem… College students, just sayin’)
    • Winn Dixie— they key are the weekend sales.  Great place to get meat for a great price 

Laundry & Cleaning

Do you know how to do your own laundry?  If you didn’t learn before you left home, time to learn!

  • Check out the discount stores for more economical prices. However stores like Sam’s, Costco, & BJ’s offer better value for your money for larger or bulk items that will last longer. Yes you will pay more upfront, plus membership costs, but your cost over the long run is better.  If you have roommates, try splitting the costs to save. (Including membership costs).
  • Amazon– remember Amazon has a student discount
  • Sam’s Club— membership fee is $45 for the YEAR
  • Costco— membership fee is $60 for the YEAR
  • BJ’s—  membership fee is $55 for the YEAR