Which One Is Best For Me?

Academic Coaching or Tutoring?

What’s The Difference?

Everyone is familiar with tutoring; however, not everyone is familiar with academic coaching.  The difference between the two is significant.  

Tutoring, as most are aware, is when you receive individual and sometime group instruction on a specific topic such as math, science, reading, writing, etc.  This instruction can be ongoing or just one time help with a solving a specific problem. 

Academic coaching on  the other hand is different. Academic Coaching is about helping you learn the skills necessary to succeed in school, such as time management, study habits, setting goals, etc.  Academic Coaching in on the rise because high schools and colleges understand that most students struggle to balance the daily demands of life with the rigor and demands of college.  To learn how Academic Coaching can help you, click here.   To learn more about tutoring see below. 


Our Tutoring Services


Essays,research & scholarships

Whether it is expressing your ideas in a way that your readers can understand, or the proper use of the grammar rules, writing can be a challenge for many people. If writing has never been your strong suit, or English is not your first language, we can help.  We help high school and college students navigate the complexities of writing research papers and essays. 


Algebra, geometry & College Algebra

Whether you are a high school student taking Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, or a college student taking College Algebra, we can help.  We offer the tutoring and assistance you need to help you succeed.  We can also help you refresh your basic math skills for the GED or for college entrance exams like the PERT Test & ACT.  We tutor middle school students  as well.


Online Class Formats

All coaching and tutoring will take place via a private online video chat room on the Zoom platform.  Zoom offers phenomenal tools such as a whiteboard, the ability to share documents live, and other amazing features.   Online tutoring allows you to learn from the comfort of your home or wherever you are located as long as you have internet access.


Individual Tutoring

This is the best option for most, especially for those who need one on one individualized assistance. 


Group Tutoring

This is a great option for those who simply need a review or like to study in a group environment to bounce ideas off of their peers. 

For High School Students

The math tutoring that is offered is geared toward high school math students who need help in Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, PERT testing and the math portion of the GED test.  We also offer writing tutoring for high school students who need help preparing for undergraduate writing in college or help with writing essays for college entrance or scholarships.

For College Students

Currently, we offer math tutoring for College Algebra.  Our writing tutoring is geared toward helping college students, particularly freshmen with understanding the basics of college writing such as using MLA and APA style writing, writing research papers, proper grammar and punctuation usage, etc. There are significant differences between high school, undergraduate and graduate writing.  Let us help you navigate and understand these differences. 

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